Grade A Meat

by Cremains

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Give me another catcall, it was just so enticing
A whirling tongue between two fingers
You call me baby and promise you'll be true
And you follow me home without me having to ask you to

Thank you father for leading me to this cock-centric society
Thank you for making me an object for consumption

Why are these the ties that bind
And you just stand there in silence

Don't turn a blind eye to these transgressions
These are people's lives that you're condemning
Your passive nature could be a lethal weapon
An accessory to a crime you never saw

My personal prison has been standing for generations
Caged in by double standards
Bound and gagged, I am a geisha
You smile politely and rape me with your eyes

Thank you mother for leaving me to this lifetime of subserviency
You're just as guilty

Why are these the ties that bind
Must I forever be the prize

Cloak your armor
Draw your blades
The battle has yet to come

You're a Valkrie
You're a Warrior
You're a Goddess

Come forward my proud army


released July 20, 2016
Music: Webber
Lyrics: Blair/Webber




Cremains Richmond, Virginia

Blair: Lead Vocals
Chase: Guitar
Nico: Guitar
Wayne: Bass
Webber: Drums/vocals

Cremains made it's first appearance in Richmond, Va in May (or was it April?) of 2013. After a year and a half of shows everyone parted ways. Webber then got it back up and running again with a whole new line up and attitude. Cremains the re-debuted February of 2016.
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