Last Call

by Cremains

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Moon blocks out the sun, the sky turns black
We're all screwed now, the evil ones are back
Only one thing left to do in this forfeit existence
With alcoholic assistance there's no need for resistance
The party's at the liquor store
Smashed in the front window
Our last hours are here
Grab a handle and a beer

So here's to the end of us all
We'll drink and bang and brawl
Death is on its way
Chug it till we're all slayed

Knocking back shots, the rager carries on
anticipating suffering, I'll have a Jager-bomb
shadows start to sneak in, and snatch folks away
it's the embodiment of chaos and total disarray
I know the end's near
No time to think
Crack another tequila
I need one last drink


We're Dead

The ominous black shadows shroud the earth
feeding off our pain and our dread
I'll go out drowning in liquor
We're already dead, we're already dead!


released July 21, 2016
music: T Bishop
Lyrics: Webber/Blair




Cremains Richmond, Virginia

Blair: Lead Vocals
Chase: Guitar
Nico: Guitar
Wayne: Bass
Webber: Drums/vocals

Cremains made it's first appearance in Richmond, Va in May (or was it April?) of 2013. After a year and a half of shows everyone parted ways. Webber then got it back up and running again with a whole new line up and attitude. Cremains the re-debuted February of 2016.
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