Suck Society

by Cremains

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Immutable, the system keeps pushing forward
A well groomed public finds solace in this preprogrammed life
Call it tradition or call it conventionality, it's not reality
Just a fallacy fabricated by the system for years
Bred apathy and distraction
Parading out by the charlatans and glorified fools
A decadent feast of lies
Indigestible by the intelligent few
Turn Away

Powerless to control and powerless to change
They make it all too easy to follow their self righteousness
It's just smoke and mirrors
Meant to lull you into complacency
Heralding a new generation
Raised on the live feed lifestyle
A feudalistic patriarchy
Climbing rungs that lead to nowhere

Living in my own personal nightmare
bound by the concept of currency
Born as an indentured servant
To the Bolling Green Bull

Question authority
Question reality
Open yourself up to vulnerability
If you want to break free


released June 7, 2016
Music: Webber/Butler
Lyrics: Webber




Cremains Richmond, Virginia

Blair: Lead Vocals
Chase: Guitar
Nico: Guitar
Wayne: Bass
Webber: Drums/vocals

Cremains made it's first appearance in Richmond, Va in May (or was it April?) of 2013. After a year and a half of shows everyone parted ways. Webber then got it back up and running again with a whole new line up and attitude. Cremains the re-debuted February of 2016.
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